How to Write Your Congressperson

While this article is tailored to writing your Federal representatives, much of it applies to writing your state and local representatives too.

Find Your Representative or Senator

The following website may be used to find your Representative:

The following website lists the Senators for each state:

Write, Email, or Call Your Congressperson

Address your communication in a respectful manner. A written letter or email might start with “Dear Senator Harris,” for example.

Be very clear in your message. Your first sentence should summarize the purpose of your communication. For example, “Please support H.R.25, the Fair Tax Act of 2017.”

Support your position. Provide details, statistics, or stories to support your position. Stick to the point and avoid rambling.

Be sure to include your full name and address. This is important for verification that you are a constituent. Without this, your message may be ignored.